This is what I do, don't try to understand how I do it; I don't really know either

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My site (as opposed to My Space which no longer exists)

What is the world coming to? I now have my own website? Well yes and mostly the reason is because I really love all the different things I do and/or am involved with and I wanted to have a common place to put them all together. I also have some fun and interesting random thoughts I want to share with the world. If you don’t like that then go somewhere else, no one is forcing you to read this; unless of course, someone is holding your eyelids open and moving your eyes back and forth – in that case, please accept my apologies and I offer to pay for your first month of therapy ( I can recommend a good therapist if you don’t have one).

Otherwise please feel free to comment if you like or don’t like something, if you agree or disagree. I am not out to get a bunch of “that’s nice” and pat on the backs, but to be honest and real. I expect the same from you or you can go be a poser on someone else’s site.