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Into the Furnace

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. You remember those guys right? They got thrown into a fiery furnace. I lead 9 other people to the sex show in Vancouver for the fourth year to hand out Bibles and tell people that Jesus loved them.

Here’s what I know:

The furnace boys were not alone. Jesus was with them.

The furnace boys had an impact in their world without mega phones and preaching.

The furnace boys were not harmed in anyway and didn’t even smell like smoke.

The furnace boys lives were changed.

This weekend…so were we. All the glory to God.


Who is He?

Wouldn't everything be simpler if when Jesus was on earth he stated 
overtly who he was and what the plan was?

I mean why not spell it out, lay it out so there is no guessing
- no questions - no squabbling - plain and simple.

Why not?

Because what matters is who you say he is.

He asked peter. He asked his disciples.
He wanted to know, that based on what we see, who do we say he is?

Who you say he is doesn't change who he really is, but it does determine
your destiny and what you do with him.

Do you disregard him as a lunatic
Do you cling for your life to Him as your savior.

It matters who you say he is.

Not a winner, but a winner

I should know better by now than to tell God I can’t do something because I don’t have the money. I will graduate in April with my bachelors degree and would love to pursue my masters but thats a lot of money so I figured it was not something I would be doing.

Along comes a contest… so I enter and get a $2000 scholarship and although I did not get an ipad as well, I have found out that the ipad is going to a needy family in Columbia. I also got something else, an amazing response from my family and friends. We all get pestered and spammed by people who want to win something – sometimes it’s legit and sometimes not.

This is my public apology to family and friends who I spammed, though it was funny that people commented they knew it was legit because no one fake spams to win a scholarship to seminary lol. It was awesome to get the messages that people were voting AND reposting in their social media for me. This is my public THANK YOU to everyone who did this for me. I was actually having a very difficult week and that turned things around for me. To know you all stood behind me and supported me.

Your vote was more than one click – it made me feel loved. You probably never knew something so simple could do so much but that is the way it goes most of the time and we just don’t see it. SO here is my encouragement. Worry less about achieving all the big things (still go for them but worry less) and keep pursuing those small things in other people’s lives. It matters