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Save the world

My best friend and I have an infliction, if you will, that we both clearly understand. We call it our “save the world” complex. Our hearts are moving hearts – they are hearts of action. If we see injustice or we see hurting we want to do something about it. This can be very serious when you live in a very fallen world. At times this can be so overwhelming because of the depths of the suffering around us. Sometimes it is our own families or friends and other times it is people we have never met in other countries. There are times I feel so completely inadequate and incapable of making any real difference.

This debilitation comes when I look at the enormity of the evil in the world. This is when my savior, the savior of the world, whispers  “over here”. He sees it all. He knows it all. In order to not be overwhelmed and incapacitated I have to look at Him.I have to remain focused on Him and trust His sovereignty. He is ultimately in control. He does have a plan. He has won the victory and the end is already written.

For now I must remain loyal to the tasks He calls me to.

How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time.