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Evidence to Convict

I remember there used to be a saying that, “if you were put on trial for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict?”

This saying made me think about all the good deeds I had done or maybe feel guilt over the non-Christian music I had listened to that week.

What if love was the evidence that we were children of God, BECAUSE IT IS : see 1 John 3:14

Would there be enough evidence to prove you belonged to Him? How much love have you shown this week? Guilty?


I love the smelly guy

There is a guy at our church who really smells. 
I don't think he showers regularly - well ok I know he doesn't.
I think he has some mental health issues
that contribute to his outward appearance.
Sometimes its really hard to be too near him.
I had a really hard time especially when I was pregnant but
I made it a purpose to always say hello to him and talk to him.
He now sits with me every Sunday.
I love it.
Today as a wave of his odor was inhaled by my nostrils I thought about how much I love this guy.
He reminds me of how awful my inside can smell
when I am not close to Jesus.
My ugly sinful state reeks beyond any outer physical smell
another human can make.