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Why I am not politically disillusioned

I have been in and around politics in various ways for quite a while. I’ve seen good things and I’ve seen bad things, some very bad things. Politics is a beast inside and out. For politicians I think the saying is true that you don’t know what it’s like unless you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. That’s not to say I don’t hold them to a higher standard because they should be but it means when they fail, and they will, I understand.

Politics are important and I believe people should care and be involved but when things don’t turn out the way I want them to go, I don’t walk away because I am not looking to my politicians for the social change I want to see in our country. So many people, especially Christians, want politicians to do so many things in this regard and I think they are foolish. It’s this horrible pass the buck mentality so that when politicians don’t bring change, people get angry and condemn that party. Get real people! If you want to see social change then be it. Get out from behind your meme sharing computers and do something. Get involved in the issues that matter to you.

Stop looking to the government to legislate the kind of country you want to live in and be the kind of person who lives that way. What if it didn’t matter that Canada has no abortion laws because women knew their value and worth and almost never found themselves with a surprise pregnancy, or when they did, they were so well loved and supported by the community that abortion clinics shut down because no one uses them anymore. Why does this have to be a law- why can’t we just be responsible loving people? Stop wanting your government to make us that kind of people, they make laws but we make our country what it is.