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She Overcame and Changed the World


  • I Deserve Hell

    It seems to be that very often I hear the phrase “You deserve it!” It is almost always in conjunction with some self gratifying decision, though at times it can be used with an accommodation by someone else to the individual. For Example: I: “Just booked a vacation to Hawaii!” A- “You deserve it” I:… Continue reading

  • Five Bucks

    I have a friend named Dave Dalley. He has given my kids and I the opportunity to get to know people of other faiths and also talk about what they believe and why. He often spearheads some really cool projects to bring people together and/or help people. The latest initiative is that they had donors give… Continue reading

  • I am a pastor

    I am a licensed and ordained pastor. I wrestle with my faith. I struggle with temptation. Every person has a calling. I have the title of pastor because part of my calling includes leading people. Leading others doesn’t mean I don’t have difficult times, or don’t ever question things anymore. I actually think it means… Continue reading

  • Where to stick your bumper sticker theology

    I recently read this blog about God not giving us more than we can bear by Nate Pyle. Honest, truthful, bold stuff. The last two years of my life have been filled with a lot of pain and this really hit my heart in a way I needed. I have been through many difficult things… Continue reading

  • Fight For Me

    I am not sure if observant Jews still today wear phylacteries, but I know they used to. They would walk around with sections of the Torah on their forehead. I don’t think we have to do this, but today a scripture impacted deep in heart heart that I wrote it on my hand so I… Continue reading

  • Look At Women

    Just recently I read this blog by Travis Klassen. His viewpoint was not brand new to me, though it was not what I was taught growing up. The fact that it was coming from a man was new to me. The idea that a man’s lustful thoughts are the responsibility of the man, and… Continue reading

  • Evidence to Convict

    I remember there used to be a saying that, “if you were put on trial for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict?” This saying made me think about all the good deeds I had done or maybe feel guilt over the non-Christian music I had listened to that week. What if… Continue reading

  • Save the world

    My best friend and I have an infliction, if you will, that we both clearly understand. We call it our “save the world” complex. Our hearts are moving hearts – they are hearts of action. If we see injustice or we see hurting we want to do something about it. This can be very serious… Continue reading

  • Into the Furnace

    Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. You remember those guys right? They got thrown into a fiery furnace. I lead 9 other people to the sex show in Vancouver for the fourth year to hand out Bibles and tell people that Jesus loved them. Here’s what I know: The furnace boys were not alone. Jesus was with… Continue reading

  • Who is He?

    Wouldn’t everything be simpler if when Jesus was on earth he stated overtly who he was and what the plan was? I mean why not spell it out, lay it out so there is no guessing – no questions – no squabbling – plain and simple. Why not? Because what matters is who you say… Continue reading

About Me

As a thriving survivor and registered victim of crime, Amanda Carrasco has used her experiences to impact the lives of her community and those impacted by the justice system. She is a dynamic speaker, consultant, and leader who values community and justice.