Amanda Carrasco

She Overcame and Changed the World

  • Her Voice

    When there is always a lot, it can be rare to find quiet moments. I found one this evening. The lights off, sounds of life around me but not near me. It was tranquil and I wanted to stay there. To not have to do anything, but just be. It was calming for a while,… Continue reading

  • Normalize Grief

    28 years yesterday. July 18, 1994 is frozen in time no matter how much time passes. It stays the same. Everything that I remember I remember in vivid technicolor. There are black gaps in time that I don’t remember anything. I only remember about five minutes of one of the interrogations, of which there were… Continue reading

  • They Can’t Make You Lose Your Value

    I saw a video once of a guy who took out a $50 bill and he offered it to someone to see if they wanted it. Of course they did. He crumpled it up and offered it again and it was still wanted. He threw it on the ground and stomped on it then verified… Continue reading

  • The Second Hearing

    I’m on the couch.I’ll be here for the rest of the night.I slept for a little while, which is good because I kept feeling like I needed to but it wouldn’t come. I woke up confused. I feel like I have been on that machine from The Dark Crystal that sucks the life out of… Continue reading

  • My First Victim Statement

    I wish victim statements were not a thing. I wish I was not an officially registered victim of a crime. I can wish until the cows come home but it changes nothing. Today I wrote my second victim statement because my offender is going to the parole board again and I decided to honor my… Continue reading

  • Don’t Save the Best For Last

    I am going through the miracles of Jesus in the order that they happened. It’s bringing them to life in a new way. They are not individual stories but this journey of Jesus’ power and compassion. That really hit me today as I realized that miracle number 7 is the miracle Jesus did for Lazarus.… Continue reading

  • Where I Fit

    Everything looks easy from the outside. We can look at someone in an awful job and wonder, ‘Why don’t they quit?’ or an abusive relationship and ask, ‘Why don’t they leave?’ The negative aspects are clear to us and they seem to be enough that it is logical that they should make a change. What… Continue reading

  • 26 years

    She was just here yesterday. I swear she was. It feels like she was, but I know that’s only in my mind. The calendar says it’s been 26 years but I’m sure it was just yesterday. I can see her. I see her smile and her laugh, I see her frustration and her tears. She… Continue reading

  • Your Platform

    Everyone has a platform. Some are small and some are gigantic. Some have been earned and some have been bequeathed. Your platform may encompass your children, friends, and family or, if you are the CEO of a large company, your platform may reach millions. What are we to do with our platforms? in 2016, Colin… Continue reading

  • Grace for her

    Every day is a new day. Some are harder and some are better. Even if my book were not to be published (which it will be) this is such an important process. I wrote in my last post about how helpful it is to get things from the inside out and that is so true.… Continue reading

About Me

As a thriving survivor and registered victim of crime, Amanda Carrasco has used her experiences to impact the lives of her community and those impacted by the justice system. She is a dynamic speaker, consultant, and leader who values community and justice.