Amanda Carrasco

She Overcame and Changed the World


Love is my 8 year old making me a salad for breakfast.

Love is my daughter waiting five years to go to camp and then one camp morning leaving her friends to call her mom just to say hello.

Love is my 14 year old going to the movies and diner with his grandmother.

Love is my daughter who whispers in my ear that she will always love me no matter what.

Love is little things that amount to big things. Love is the daily and the dirty. Getting into the grind of life and falling on your knees. Love is sacrifice. Love is work and effort. It makes you sweat, makes you strong. Love builds you up. Love is sometimes leaving and sometimes running full speed ahead. Love is more than an emotion, it is choices. Love makes a difference.

Love is messy, very messy.

It doesnt always look like we think it should, and sometimes it stares us in the face.

Sometimes we miss it.

It can grab hold of you and never let go.

It can die for you on a cross just so you don’t have to be eternally apart.



2 responses to “Love”

  1. Patti Pedersen Avatar
    Patti Pedersen

    Good reminder for all of us!

    1. Some days we need more reminders than others!

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As a thriving survivor and registered victim of crime, Amanda Carrasco has used her experiences to impact the lives of her community and those impacted by the justice system. She is a dynamic speaker, consultant, and leader who values community and justice. 

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