This is what I do, don't try to understand how I do it; I don't really know either

Emotional World Changer

I believe it is generally accepted that women are more emotional than men- albeit that they display their emotions more than men. That being said there is a movement to correct this misconception that showing emotion is a weakness. Brene Brown is a leader in this charge with her thorough research on vulnerability. If you look through a backwards lens in time, vulnerability and emotional being appear as a radical concept. We are in the process of a societal shift on this issue and as far as I am concerned, it can not come soon enough!

Women especially have been degraded for showing emotion. If we are angry then we are a B@&(h, if we are sad then we are weak, if we are both then we are hormonal.

Everyone has emotions, they are an asset. They can help guide us and especially encourage empathy. Evil is the absence of empathy. The more I learn about the evils we humans commit to other humans the more my heart is torn – as it should be! It should never be acceptable to hurt each other, especially to the levels that we have. But just as I am crushed by the pain in the world and the pain I have personally suffered, it becomes fuel to do everything within my power and capabilities to end injustice whenever possible.

Make no mistake, just because I have many emotions, just because I chose to live a vulnerable and open life, I am not unstable. These things, in fact, make me well rounded and balanced. They give me focus and direction unlike anything else. It has made me determined and driven. I move forward every day and process life through an emotional lens. This also makes me relatable to people in pain so they can reach out and find support. If I am misconceived then let it be so because I will not change who I am, which helps the hurting and fosters justice, just so people don’t think I am weak. If that is your perception of me then you don’t know me at all.

Please stand back and watch. I am changing the world and I am just getting started.


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