Amanda Carrasco

She Overcame and Changed the World

It’s Time to Quit

Bob Goff says you can quit anything on a Thursday. I decided not to wait till Thursday and on Monday I put on my big girl panties and rolled out the chopping block. Yesterday and today I have/am quitting a lot of things. It’s been long overdue and it’s painful.

My favorite song is by Avicii and it says “all this time I was finding myself, and I, didn’t know I was lost.” One morning you wake up and think, who am I or where am I? You learn things about yourself that you didn’t realize because you didn’t notice getting off track. It’s just a slight degree in deviation and it can change your whole trajectory. It’s like cooking a lobster slowly but lobsters can still realize what’s happening and jump out of the pot – at least this lobster is.

Priorities are important. Going for what you want in life without compromising who you are is essential.

Quitting things that need to be quit means I may have to hold off on some big dreams, but if I get there in a way that is not true to me then it’s not worth getting there. God called me a long time ago and He still does. If He wants me to achieve these things then He will find a way. I have to follow Him and make the right choices- even after I have made wrong ones. I own my story – the good and the bad, it’s all me. People can make any judgments they want, it will not change who God created me to be and that when I forget that, He will remind me and call me back.

There has been so much ongoing pain since last October and it has not ended. I thought yesterday that quitting things would help bring an end but I realize today that that might not be the case. It probably will, in fact, get worse before it gets better because moving away from things and people you love is painful. A whole year (and possibly longer) of constant pain is a very long time and makes sense why I compromised in some areas. But today I decided that even if the pain doesn’t end, I will find a way to live with the pain, acknowledge that it is there but still live a healthy life.

I am His child, dearly loved and daughter of the King of Kings.


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As a thriving survivor and registered victim of crime, Amanda Carrasco has used her experiences to impact the lives of her community and those impacted by the justice system. She is a dynamic speaker, consultant, and leader who values community and justice. 

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