This is what I do, don't try to understand how I do it; I don't really know either

It’s what you do after

We all fail. Repeatedly.

My ethics class is really about examining failures. It’s fascinating to see where people crossed the line and what were the factors that influenced their compromises. We all have them. Some are bigger than others. Of course it’s easier to see these in others than in ourselves. Self reflection is sometimes as productive as trying to lick the back of our own head.

Eventually we are confronted by our own decay. So what then?

Do you deny, minimize or cover-up as much as possible?

Do you downward spiral into a pit of dispair and self loathing?

Do you run and hide?

Or do you own it?

I am working hard to not own my mistkakes in the way that they are part of my skin or my DNA. I am not the sum of my mistakes, but in order to grow and be free I do need to own that I made them. They were an article of clothing I had put on but am deciding to take off. It looks like, “Yes I did that, but it is not who I am.” This is not easy.

Shame says, all those people who talk and think negatively about you are right.

Guilt says, that was wrong but you are better than that and can make good choices.

What do you do wtih people who fail? You look at their behaviour after, you err on the side of grace, and most importantly you remember that you are one of them.

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  1. Patti Pedersen said:

    Wise words, thank you Amanda

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