This is what I do, don't try to understand how I do it; I don't really know either

Going somewhere

I have never liked flying. I still don’t really, but it’s been too long since I was last on a plane. I have a short business trip and even though I am not leaving the country I’m happy to be on a plane. Again, I’m not a fan of flying but it means I am going somewhere. I really like to be going somewhere.

There have been a lot of changes in life the last year and they are not finished yet. It takes time to process and adjust to change and I have just wanted to move ahead. This week will be good to have time to process. Soon I will only have to travel with one laptop not two. I’m looking forward to that but there is a grief with letting go. It’s easier when you have something to grab onto – maybe thats why people have rebound relationships so often.

A wise friend has encouraged me that when people ask where I am going to – to tell them that I am going to me. I’m going to take time. It’s been much needed time but taking time is not comfortable to me. I know it’s necessary and healthy.

I’m staring into a blank canvas and I get to decide what to paint. I already know my colors but I don’t know exactly what is going to appear. I’m not an artist but I believe they take time to conceptualize before they start. This is my conceptualization and preparation time.

I’ll take it and when the time is right I’m going somewhere.


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